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Travertine Tile Care Let Us Maintain Your Travertine Tiles

Travertine Polishing Service

Travertine is a type of natural stone that is mainly used for flooring indoors and outdoors.
Most people prefer it to other flooring options because of its versatility.
It’s available in a wide range of colors and hues, ranging from beiges and browns to reds and emeralds, just to name a few.

Because of its various shapes and colors, travertine is ideal for most areas of a home
Travertine is made from sea fossils which makes travertine tiles more suitable for etching and staining.
So, if you want your travertine tiles to retain their beauty, you will need to clean and maintain them properly. Here are some travertine tile cleaning tips to consider.

Cleaning Travertine Surfaces

Cleaning is a vital step when it comes to the maintenance of travertine tile flooring.
It will help to keep them in great condition.
Mopping, vacuuming, or sweeping are among the travertine tile cleaning methods that you can use.

Whichever method you choose, you should do it at least three days per week.
And when you do so, you will be preventing dirt from penetrating through the pores of the tiles, thus minimizing damage.

Also, you can clean your travertine tiles using a piece of dry cloth and a cleaning product.
If you opt to use a cleaning product, make sure it’s safe for the tiles.
It should not be acidic or abrasive, as using the wrong cleaning product can lead to irreversible damage.


Removing Stains From Travertine Tile

As noted above, travertine has a porous surface, making it prone to stains and grime.
So, if you don’t remove the stains immediately, they will penetrate the tiles, leaving unsightly marks.

The most effective means of taking care of stains on your travertine tiles is by preventing the staining from happening in the first place. So, all spills should be wiped off immediately using a dry cloth or tissue paper.

Even plain water can damage your travertine floors. So, it should also be wiped off immediately.
The longer the spill remains on the surface, the higher the chances of causing a discoloration.
And in case the stains have already formed, you can remove them using commercial stain removers.

A poultice is an effective product for removing stains on travertine tiles.
It’s a mixture of various substances that are mainly used for stain and blemish removal.

You can either create your own poultice at home or purchase a commercial one.
The type of poultice you will use will depend on the stain you are removing.
For instance, the poultice you will use to remove an organic solvent stain is different from the one you will use to remove acidic stains.

 Cleaning Travertine Grout Lines

Grout, a combination of cement, sand, and water, is sometimes used to fill gaps between travertine tiles. It’s usually applied to prevent the tiles from cracking, due to seasonal expansion and contraction.


However, grout lines also create an open space between the tiles, which can allow the buildup of moisture, grime, sand particles, and dirt. And these elements may end up damaging your travertine tiles.

So, whenever you are cleaning your travertine tiles, make sure you also pay attention to the grout lines.
Cleaning the grout lines regularly using a brush and water will help to prevent the accumulation of sand, dirt, and other particles. You can also apply a sealant to the grout lines to minimize future damage.

Travertine Maintenance Service

Regular maintenance will play a vital role in keeping your travertine tiles in good condition. Mopping, cleaning, wiping away spills immediately, and vacuuming your travertine floors will keep them in perfect condition.

Also, it will help to prevent extensive damage to the floors, thus keeping your overall maintenance costs low. Also, it’s advisable to place carpets, mats and rugs under heavy furniture to minimize the contact between the legs of the furniture and the travertine flooring.

We provide travertine tile care to the following city’s: Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Encino, Tarzana, Calabasas, Westlake Village, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Burbank, Pasadena

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