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Marble Restoration Services

Marble RestorationRestore the Brilliant Beauty in Your Marble and Natural Stone

If dull, etched, cracked, or damaged natural stone surfaces exist around your Los Angeles property or commercial facility,
JK Marble Maintenance offers professional restoration through expert honing, polishing, resurfacing, sealing, and repair techniques for stone and marble.

Our Stone Restoration Specialists

With decades of natural stone repair, refinishing, and maintenance experience,  JK Marble Maintenance stone renovation experts Exhibit true quality, affordability, and high efficiency, serving Los Angeles area—residential and commercial marble restoration needs.
We take pride and personal satisfaction in restoring stone to its original – or improved – beauty.

Natural Stone Renovation Services

From damaging etch marks and scratches to unsightly cracks or holes requiring stone replacement patches, JK Marble Maintenance performs stone resurfacing magic like no other local company.
We devote careful time, energy, and leading tools to gently hone, polish, seal, and protect your natural marble or stone installation, returning vibrant aesthetic appeal, slip resistance, and structural reinforcement from future damage.

Marble Maintenance and Stone Care

In addition to urgent stone repair projects and total surface restorations, JK Marble Maintenance also provides reliable post-installation stone care, like resealing and cleaning, to prevent avoidable marble damage in the first place.

Keep surfaces glistening through quarterly, biannual, or annual maintenance plans tailored to your stone floors, walls, or counter-exposure levels.
JK Marble Maintenance promises reliable natural stone preservation at reasonable prices.

For a Free Stone Restoration Quote

Contact JK Marble Maintenance at (818) 984-1195 to schedule your free inspection and assessment of necessary marble restoration or ongoing stone care.
Our Los Angeles natural stone professionals, work efficiently with minimal disruption, getting your stone gleaming from day one.
Call us today to revive lackluster stone or marble! 

Marble Restoration FAQs

What services does marble restoration involve?

Marble restoration can involve professional cleaning, polishing, honing, sealing, repairing etching/scratches, chip/crack repairs, resurfacing by cutting down layers, and regrouting to restore marble to like-new condition or better.

How long does the marble restoration process take?

The restoration timeframe ranges from a few hours for a basic honing and polish to 3+ days for extensive marble resurfacing projects covering large commercial areas.
Proper drying times between steps also impact overall timelines.

What causes marble finishes to become dull and etched over time?

Every day acidic substances like juice, soda, vinegar, alcohol, lotions, and tap water slowly damage marble surfaces.
These etch into the vulnerable calcium carbonate composition, diminishing shine. Restoration requires mechanically resurfacing the etched areas.

Can you match the newly restored marble area to the existing adjacent marble?

In most cases, yes. Skilled technicians can blend cut-down areas to avoid noticeably distinct sections.
Touching up restored spots with stains or epoxy fillers may be necessary for seamless appearances dependent on marble variety and age.

How long does restored marble last before needing it again?

Marble restoration results can last 3-10 years with proper ongoing maintenance like prompt cleaning/disinfection, using coasters and placemats religiously, applying sealants every 1-2 years, and avoiding chemical contact overall.

What are signs my marble could benefit from professional restoration?

Signs justifying marble restoration include increasingly cloudy appearances that are impossible to remove with cleaning, etched marks showing, new stains taking hold quickly, noticeable scratches/cuts, increased pitting appearing, and changing surface roughness feeling underfoot or to touch.

How do you clean or seal marble without causing more damage?

Always use gentle, pH-neutral cleaners and cleaning methods without acids, abrasives, or harsh chemicals.
For properly sealing marble, consult a stone restoration company for the best product recommendations for your marble variety and traffic levels from offers like Dry-Treat, Miracle Sealants, Aqua Mix, DuPont, and Laticrete.

Is it possible to polish certain marble varieties to a glossy shine?

Yes, when the original marble material contains high densities of calcite crystals like Carrara and Calacatta varieties.
The crystalline composition allows calcium ions to break evenly, creating light refractive qualities when polished repeatedly with diamond abrasives from a honed, matte to eventually glossy shine finish.

What makes a reliable, professional marble restoration company?

Extensive experience since the 1990s, proper liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage, recent portfolio examples restored on-budget, rave customer reviews, reasonable rates lower than competitors, professional affiliations like MIA+BSI, and service guarantees backing quality satisfaction.

Does restoring marble floors or walls boost my home value?

Yes! Marble restoration net value increase commonly surpasses the minimum 50% ROI for cost per square foot.
Visually revitalized, structurally sound marble boosts buyer appeal and longevity as a coveted material-associated luxury impression.

Natural Stone Pros

  1. Elegant Aesthetics: Natural stone provides a timeless and luxurious look, enhancing the beauty of any space.

  2. Durability: Natural stone is exceptionally durable and can last for generations with proper care.

  3. Variety: There’s a wide range of natural stone types available, each with unique colors and patterns, allowing for customization.

  4. Heat Resistance: Natural stone flooring is excellent at retaining and radiating heat, making it ideal for radiant heating systems.

  5. Hypoallergenic: Unlike carpets and certain flooring materials, natural stone doesn’t harbor dust mites, allergens, or odors.

Natural Stone Cons

  1. Cost: Natural stone is generally more expensive than many other flooring options, both in terms of materials and installation.

  2. Maintenance: Depending on the type of stone, it may require regular sealing and maintenance to prevent staining and damage.

  3. Weight: Natural stone can be quite heavy, which may require special structural considerations during installation.

  4. Coldness: Stone flooring can feel cold underfoot, especially in colder climates.

  5. Slippery When Wet: Some types of natural stone can become slippery when wet, posing a potential safety hazard.

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