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Marble Maintenance Services

Marble is a popular choice for countertops and floors, thanks to its beauty and elegance.
However, marble is quite a soft and porous stone, meaning it can crack, get scratched, or become
dull and stained due to regular wear and tear.
The good news is, you don’t have to replace your entire marble floor or countertop just because it’s stained,
scratched, etched, or looking dull.
Our Marble Maintenance service will keep your marble surfaces looking their best at all times. Wet diamond honing is used to restore marble floors with etch marks and stains in extremely worn areas. 

Marble floors are resurfaced with diamond-resin pads. Once that’s done, a Penetrating Sealer is applied to give marble stain protection. In the end, a two-step polishing process creates a glass-like sheen.
Marble floors should be cleaned with a neutral cleaner, one with a ph of 7.  Your marble restoration company or local marble supply store including amazon and home depot is a good place to buy a neutral cleaner for polished marble.  It’s pretty common to use household products to clean marble, like acid grout cleaners, etc.
Some of the services that we offer include:

Cleaning Marble Floors

As noted above, marble is a naturally porous stone.
Therefore, it tends to absorb liquids fast. And if the liquids are acidic,
then they will leave stains and unsightly marks on their surface.
Fortunately, marble cleaning can help to remove the dirt, dust, grime, and stains.

However, marble cleaning is more than just having a floor-cleaning machine and some detergents.
You need to know the right tools to use, the method to apply, and the cleaning detergents to use.
And that’s why you should hire the Beverly Hills marble cleaning and restoration experts at JK Marble.
At JK Marble, we apply a professional and patented marble cleaning process, which will remove the dirt and get rid of the stains. Marble etching, as previously mentioned, happens with acidic solutions. It’s a dull spot on the floor. 

That’s why you should avoid spills like lemon juice, acne medicines even cleaners like Windex, and 409 can be harmful to marble surfaces. 

Some etchings require a honing process to be fixed by stone care professionals.  Call us at (818) 984-1195 if you have etched marks on your marble floors.

Our Beverly Hills California marble cleaning process will leave your floors and countertops looking elegant and spotless.

marble restoration

Repairing Cracked Marble

Poor installation and application of too much weight on marble surfaces can lead to cracks.
And if these cracks are not rectified or repaired on time, they will become larger.
And eventually, you may be forced to replace the entire tile or even redo the whole surface.
But it doesn’t have to get to that.
JK Marble restoration in Beverly Hills will repair the cracks present on your marble, making it look as if it was new.

Marble Polishing

Over time, your marble countertops, floor or any other marble surface may become scratched or etched.
And when that happens, professional marble polishing can help to give it a new factory finish.
At JK Marble, we can polish and refinish your marble floor tiles, vanity top, countertops, table, fireplace, or any other marble surface and restore its original factory finish. What sets us apart from other Beverly Hills California marble restoration companies is that our polishing process is dustless.

Marble Sealing

While marble is renowned for its exceptional durability, it’s highly sensitive to acidic solutions.
Also, it’s susceptible to cracking and scratching, especially if you place a heavy, rigid material on its surface.
And this is where marble sealing comes in.
Our Beverly Hills California marble sealing services will help to protect your marble surfaces from damage and keep them looking great for years to come.

black and white marble restored
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Countertop maintenance, polishing, sealing, honing

Marble Countertop Restoration

Carrera marble granite, quartz we restore back to it's original condition. First we apply plastic around the work areas protecting from any splatter The process is wet sanding so no need to worry about dust. After the honing process the customer can have the option of a flat finish or polished finish. We offer marble maintenance visits to maintain your countertops finish.

Contact Us Today

If your marble floor or countertop is looking dull, unsightly or it has lost its elegance and luster, then you should contact the restoration experts at JK Marble.
Regardless of how damaged your marble surface is, we will clean it, repair it, polish it and restore its original glossy finish.
Contact us today to learn more about our marble cleaning and restoration services or schedule a free estimate. 818 984-1195

 Christy M.
Christy M.
West Hollywood
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We have a marble tiled bathroom - the shiny marble was scratched, had stains, needed sealing and work on the grout which had turned brown. Ron was so incredibly responsive - came over, gave me a quote and put a date in the calendar. His crew - Luis and Guillermo came early, made great suggestions (the matte look is so much better), and did an incredible job. They even fixed issues I didn't know I had. On top of all that they explained everything to me, helped me identify a potential leak that was causing damage/water stains and even showed me how to be a better caulker! I would absolutely use this crew again for any issues. In fact Ron told me they do pavers and I'm looking forward to having them fix some issues we have outside our house. .
Mike N
Mike N
Los Angeles
Read More
Ron and his crew did an absolutely fantastic job on our kitchen floor, marble countertop, and master bathroom shower, floor, and countertop. They were exceptionally careful about avoiding COVID-19 exposure and made every effort to be safe. The floors, countertops, and shower looked beautiful when they were finished. We will be using them again, as we were very pleased with their professionalism throughout the job.
Richard S
Richard S
Sherman Oaks
Read More
They did excellent work and it was long overdue. Service was prompt, and the communication between us was first rate. Highly recommend.

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