Saltillo Tile Restoration Staining & Sealing

Saltillo Tile Staining & Sealing

Imported from Mexico, the Saltillo tile is a beautiful flooring material that can add a touch of luxury to your home – at an affordable cost.
But just like other flooring materials, the Saltillo floor tile requires regular care and maintenance to keep it looking pristine.

Extreme temperatures, excessive moisture, and other elements can lead to cracking and surface discoloration.
Also, it’s not that durable, and thus not recommended for high-traffic areas.
If the Saltillo tiles in your home look unsightly or ugly, you can give them a different color and restore their beauty by staining them.

Read on to learn how to stain Saltillo floor tiles.

 Prepare For Staining Material

Before staining your Saltillo floor tiles, prepare the product you intend to use.
If you don’t prepare it before application, you may not achieve uniform or desirable results.

To prepare the stain, shake the container vigorously to ensure the staining product mixes evenly.
Also, you should open the container with the stain and use a stick or metal rod to stir the content vigorously.
Once you’ve stirred it thoroughly, your staining product is ready to apply to your Saltillo tiles.

Divide the tile on the Floor Area

Applying the staining product to the entire floor can be challenging and overwhelming.
So, if you want to keep the project manageable, then it will be highly advisable to divide the floor area.
The number of sections will depend on how large the floor area is.
You can divide your floor into sections of 1 meter and then mark those using temporary markers.

You can then start applying the staining product from one section to the other.

saltillo tile


You should only proceed to the next section if the results of the area you are working on are satisfactory.
So, don’t rush over the process. Also, using rubber gloves when applying the staining product is highly advisable to protect your hands.
Also, ensure you open all the doors and windows in the area you are working on to provide ample ventilation.

Stain Application

So, how do you apply the stain on your Saltillo floor tiles? Well, it’s an easy process.
And you don’t even need special tools and skills for the job.
You dip a sponge, a piece of cotton cloth, or a similar absorbent material into the stain product and then apply it on your tiles using small circular motions.

It’s advisable to apply the stain on one tile at a time.
Make sure you avoid grouted areas.
Once you’ve finished applying the stain on one tile, you should proceed to the next one.
You should follow this approach until you’ve applied the stain on all the tiles.
After that, you can then move to the next area and so on.

Second Coat Application

After applying the first coat of stain, give your tiles some time so the paint can dry.
After a couple of hours, you can apply a second coat to give your surface a beautiful appearance.
As much as you may want to rush over the process, don’t apply the two coats simultaneously.
Apply the first one, allow it to dry, and then apply the second coat.

Sealing Your Saltillo Floor Tiles

Saltillo floor tiles are highly porous and absorb many liquids and other elements.
And that’s why it’s advisable to seal them.
Sealing them with a topical sealer will give them a protective coating,
Which will help to keep away moisture, grease spills, different types of dirt, and acidic solutions.

Topical sealers are usually available in matte and glossy finishes.
And regardless of the finish that you choose, they will both give your
Saltillo floor tiles have a colorful, vibrant, and beautiful look.
Make sure you clean your Saltillo floor tiles before sealing them, as water and dirt
can contaminate the sealer you are using, leading to undesirable results.

Pros and Cons of installing Saltillo tile in your home

Closing Remarks

Saltillo floor tiles can give your home a beautiful, unique, and stylish finish.
Unfortunately, they are also prone to various forms of damage.
After some time, they may fade and start looking unsightly.
Staining and sealing your Saltillo floor tiles can help to restore their beauty, appeal, and luster.

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