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Travertine Restoration & Maintenance

Travertine tile is a highly versatile natural stone and has been a very popular choice for both residential and commercial use for many years
Its physical characteristics make it a highly suitable material for use in adverse climatic and environmental conditions. Typical applications include flooring, wall finishing, counters, and showers.

Travertine Floor Care

Travertine marble applied to floors and shower walls need routine travertine maintenance.  The entire structure of this material contains cavities, which accumulate dirt, regardless of the application. Travertine is also soft. Therefore, it tends to wear faster than other stone materials and surfaces used for flooring.

Polishing Travertine

Travertine is mainly available in three distinct forms. Travertine finishes come in polished, honed, and tumbled. All these finishes require regular travertine maintenance. Additionally, they will require honing after time to remove etching or scratches.

travertine floor care

Travertine floors come from sea fossils, so their finish has holes filled with Portland. Making the floor finish look uneven in some areas. Whether you want a matte finish, semi-gloss or a full polish, we can deliver a strikingly restored travertine finish.

Diamond Honing Travertine

If travertine surfaces start to show etch marks, scratches, and wear. Diamond honing will restore the travertine surface. The result will be a renewed travertine surface, to avoid damage. You can always rely on our travertine honing services to achieve a matte or honed finish, which is warm, velvety smooth and inviting.

Sealing Travertine

Travertine is a porous stone which should be sealed annually.
All natural stone is prone to staining if not properly sealed. Therefore, if not sealed, chances are very high that you will spill a reactive or colored liquid, thus discoloring your stone.

Although most types of stains are easy to remove, travertine stain removal can be quite time-consuming as well as expensive, not forgetting frustrating. It is, therefore, advisable to undertake the necessary preventive measures against stain damage.

Travertine Cleaning

The cleaning process to be carried out on a certain travertine surface, mainly depends on the type of dirt, surface condition, or the oil being removed. What you should know is that travertine is quite easy to keep clean, especially with regular professional deep cleaning services with the use of highly effective, non-acidic cleaning solutions.

However, the moment dirt sets in, resulting in low points and hollows, for dirt to accumulate, it can be very hard to keep the surface clean again. Apart from deep cleaning your travertine surfaces, we can assist you in keeping your travertine surfaces properly maintained, polished and scratch-free. This makes regular cleaning as well as care and maintenance much easier.

Our cleaning experts can remove years of accumulated topical treatments, deeply embedded soiling, as well as remove soap residue on travertine showers, leaving your stone pristine and spotless like it has just been installed.

Travertine Repair

If your travertine is dull-looking, dirty, cracked, etched, chipped, or damaged in any way, don’t replace it yet. We can restore your travertine giving it an almost new look. We offer both exterior and interior travertine services in all kinds of properties including homes, apartments, offices, condominiums, warehouses, retail stores, commercial properties, and restaurants, among others.

Whether you are looking for minor services such as having your travertine floors sealed or cleaned or you need complete travertine restoration and repair, we offer a full range of travertine maintenance and repair services.

Bottom Line

Regular marble maintenance services are necessary for the daily care of travertine floors. However, after some time, these processes leave grout lines on travertine floors, which are very hard to remove or clean, using normal cleaning methods.

These issues are then compounded by visible traffic patterns and shiny scratches. As these problems accumulate, you start losing interest in the appearance of your floor. At this point, you start considering replacing your floor with another material.

However, you don’t have to go to that extent, our professional and scheduled maintenance program will ensure that your travertine floors look great all the time. Whether you are looking for travertine honing, polishing, filling holes, or any other stone restoration service you might need, contact us immediately.

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