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Limestone Maintenance Floors, Countertops, & Showers

Limestone Floor Maintenance

How to Clean Limestone:
Limestone maintenance is key to maintaining limestone surfaces for a long ion time this will help in less restoration. 
JK marble provides limestone maintenance by determining the use of traffic and use.
From there, we can put a maintenance plan into motion.
Due to nature, Limestone is soft and very porous, that is why great care must be taken in preserving it.

Improper cleaning and poor maintenance methods can damage it.
If that happens, professional limestone maintenance services may be required.
Strong cleaning detergents can break down their surface.
If you want to know how to clean limestone, here are some tips to consider.

Limestone Restoration

If you start observing etch marks, rings, dirty grout, and oil stains, your limestone floor or surface requires professional cleaning as well as restoration.

The cleaning problems will escalate if not addressed immediately. If this occurs, your limestone surfaces will require expensive corrective repairs.

In addition, if not restored or cleaned correctly, the problem may worsen, decreasing the value and appearance of your property. Stains and dirt on limestone floors may be caused by a variety of factors.

  • Poor and inadequate cleaning
  • Poor installation methods
  • Lack of regular maintenance
  • Inadequate or lack of sealing


For cleaning your limestone floors, you will need a vacuum cleaner, mop, broom, and a sponge mop. You can also use mild dish soap we recommend a stone soap or neutral PH7 Cleaner.

Additionally, you will need a bucket, some soft towels, and sealant if you intend to seal the limestone surfaces after you have finished cleaning. If your limestone has stains that require removal, you will also need some hydrogen peroxide.

limestone maintenance


Even though it may sound strange, you can still vacuum your limestone floors, but you need to turn off the spinning brush. Additionally, you must be very careful to ensure that the vacuum cleaner does not scratch the surface.

Using the vacuum effectively removes dirt and sand from crevices and cracks.
The floor can also be cleaned with a dry mop or broom. On walls and counters, simply wipe them with a soft and dry cloth to remove dirt.
As you clean the limestone, be sure not to leave behind any particles. since it can contribute to scratches. This will pay huge dividends in limestone maintenance and elegant finish.


To clean your limestone floor using wet methods, you will need a bucket full of warm water mixed with a few tablespoons of soap in it. Use the mixture to wipe the countertops and walls, as well as to gently mop the floors.

This process takes a considerable amount of time, so please be patient and give the soap sufficient time to penetrate and break down the dirt.

Polishing Limestone Floors

In order to transform your dull limestone floor into something beautiful that enhances the appearance of your home, you simply need to polish it. Polished floors are easy to keep clean and maintain. However, if you decide to polish your floor, you will need to decide on what finish you desire.

 High gloss refers to a luxurious, exquisite finish achieved by honing the floor with finer diamonds in order to achieve the desired finish. The number of scratches determines the type of finish that is achieved. A high-gloss finish will enhance the colors in your limestone flooring, giving them a beautiful and smooth appearance.

However, a high gloss finish does have its downsides. It is more prone to scratches and scuffs than a lighter polish. On the other hand, a lighter polish gives the surface a lovely glow. A lighter polish is recommended for areas with higher traffic, such as dining rooms and kitchens.

It is more resistant to scratches and can withstand a greater amount of traffic. If you wish to achieve a superior finish, your floor should be smooth and even. If your limestone floor was incorrectly installed, resulting in an uneven surface, known as lippage it will have to be leveled using specialized equipment this is not part of limestone maintenance.  Nonetheless, we have the tools, equipment, and experience to handle all of your limestone floor polishing requirements.

Sealing Limestone Surfaces

It is recommended that you give your limestone floors an average of 24 hours after cleaning them to allow the moisture to evaporate. You may choose either a penetrating sealer or a surface sealer. A penetrating sealer is also known as an impregnating sealer, and they are the same thing.

The benefit of using a penetrating sealer is that it does not affect the appearance of the limestone floor. As a result, it is appropriate for sealing polished limestone floors.

On the other hand, a surface sealant leaves your floor with a slightly darker appearance since it rests on the surface. Two layers of penetrating sealer are normally enough. This will also depend on the porosity of the surfaces.

Bottom Line

Nothing is more frustrating when you are a homeowner than discovering dirty marks, scratches, and spills on your beautiful limestone floor.  As you begin to wonder how you will immediately restore the beautiful finish of your furniture, you do not need to worry about all of that.

 Our professional cleaning services include cleaning limestone floors, counters, and showers, removing grout from showers, and removing mold and scum. We will first conduct an assessment of the problem and then recommend a solution based on the problem.

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