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Limestone Cleaning Service Los Angeles

Limestone installations produce a beautiful, rich appearance, giving your floors,
walls or countertops unique elegance.
Apart from creating beautiful aesthetics, limestone is also highly durable,
making it a great material for kitchen countertops.

However, limestone also tends to attract dirt, dust, and stains.
Therefore, it’s important to take proper care of your limestone surfaces, to keep them in pristine condition.
If your limestone surfaces have started looking dirty or unsightly, here are some ways to clean them effectively.

How To Clean Limestone surfaces

Before cleaning your limestone floor or countertop, you should first remove all the dust, dirt, or spills from the surface.
Cleaning the limestone without removing them first will spread them around the surface.
And since limestone is soft and porous, these dust particles may scratch the surface.

limestone table repair It’s important to note that vacuum cleaners can scratch the limestone’s surface if you use a spinning brush.
Therefore, it will be highly advisable to use a wet mop or broom. If you insist on using a vacuum cleaner, then you should ensure you remove the spinning brush first. When limestone becomes to hard to clean contact us at 818 984-1195

Removing Stains from Limestone

Juice, wine, coffee, and other acidic substances can stain your limestone surfaces if left standing.
Therefore, it’s highly recommended to wipe the spills as soon as possible, to prevent stains from forming on your limestone surface.

But if your limestone countertop or floor has stains already, then you don’t have to panic.
You can easily remove them using locally available materials.
First, you can try removing the stain by scrubbing it with a toothbrush and mild, soapy water.
If the stain hadn’t penetrated to the deeper layers, then it should lift off.

If scrubbing the surface doesn’t remove the stain, then you should use a poultice to try drawing it out.
You can purchase a ready-made commercial poultice or prepare one yourself.

Making the poultice is an easy and straightforward process.
You simply need to mix hydrogen peroxide with flour, until you form a thick paste.
You should then apply that paste directly to the stain, and then allow it to sit for at least 48 hours or until it’s dry.

As the paste dries, it will draw the stain from the limestone surface.
You should then remove it carefully, using a soft-edged scraper or toothbrush. And the stain will be gone.

Sealing Limestone

Sealing your limestone surfaces provides an effective method of protecting them against stains caused by lodged dirt and spills.
And considering that limestone is naturally porous, it should be sealed immediately after installation.
Limestone sealants last an average of two years. If water is no longer beading on its surface,
Then it’s probably time to re-seal your limestone floors.

You can either hire a professional limestone cleaning and restoration specialist  JK marble maintenance or do the re-sealing yourself.
If you decide to do it yourself, then you should ensure you follow the sealant’s instructions and follow the directions to the letter.
for more information on how to care for a limestone shower visit our blog post here.

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