Marble Care How to Maintain Your Marble

How to Maintain and  Care for your Marble 

Marble is one of the most delicate yet widely used stones. In order to maintain its beautiful luster, you must use the correct cleaning products. First products to avoid common generic cleaners like bleach, vinegar, and ammonia since they will etch the surface of the stone. Some cleaners labeled for marble are not really safe for marble, always use a neutral PH 7 cleaner on natural stone.

Seal  Marble Countertops and Shower Walls

If you have marble countertops and shower’s you can always consider the option of sealing. Sealing is a procedure where the pores inside the marble is closed in order to make it totally resistant to absorbing a series of chemicals, acidic elements and various other components that come with stain-producing elements. Sealing not only protects the countertops from staining but also gives them a stunning shiny structure. If you use your marble tops a bit too often, you should get them sealed at least twice a year. If you get a stain on your marble try a good poultice to remove the stain.

Cleaning  Marble Countertops and Marble Floors

This is another activity that can be done in order ensure the consistency of your marble floors and tops. Try to clean the marble floors and the marble countertops almost daily. The easiest way to do the cleaning is by using a mild soap and water.

Marble Care


However, things will turn out to be even better if you splurge on a solution that is specifically designed to clean the marble countertops. Simply apply the cleaning solution on the countertop and slowly get it cleaned with the help of a sponge. The job is easy, hassle-free and totally less taxing.

Things you should do

  • Seal and reseal your marble countertops and floors, at least once or twice a year.
  • Use a specific marble stone cleaning product for your cleaning operations.
  • Wipe the stains and the spills immediately.
  • Polish and hone the marble floors and countertops from time to time.

Things you shouldn’t do

  • Don’t expose your marble countertops or floors to anything which is greasy like oils or organic stains.
  • Never place anything which is excessive hot on the marble.
  • Never clean the marble with harsh chemicals.

Thus, simply follow these guidelines and you will enjoy the best from your marble products for a considerable amount of time.



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