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The buildup of dirt on pool tile is not an unusual thing.
After a long time of pool use, it’s always necessary to do some pool tile cleaning
to remove any deposits or contaminants that might have accumulated.

pool tile cleaning

Moreover, children might see through debris or toys inside your pool.
There’s also a possibility of pets getting your pool dirty, mainly during the night when no one is watching it.
Fundamentally, the cleanliness of a pool is suitable for all who get into it to have a good time.
Thus, it’s always important to consider cleaning your pool when you notice that layers of contaminants are beginning to show.

As you consider doing some pool tile cleaning, you need to do it right.
There are different ways of cleaning pool tiles that you can explore to ensure that they are sparkling clean.

Understanding the way that suits your pool, the best is a big plus for you since you will always do a good job whenever
you clean the tiles.
Here are some significant points to take note of as you do pool tile cleaning.

JK Marble Maintenance we specialize in the removal of calcium build up with different methods depending on the type of tiles you have.

We clean Fountains and waterfalls also.

Pressure Washing Pool Tile

Using a pressure washer can make pool tile cleaning more comfortable and efficient for you.
However, you need to be extra careful when using a pressure washer to clean pool tiles because of the nature of the cleaning.

For you to avoid damaging pool tiles, ensure that you: use less pressure, use the right nozzle, avoid staying in one spot for a long time, keep a 3-feet distance from the place you are spraying.

Now that you have known how to avoid damaging pool tiles with a pressure washer let’s delve into the washing bit.
The first thing you should do is move furniture away from the pool.

This will allow you to move freely as you do the cleaning.
Secondly, ensure that you clear any debris from the pool before you begin pressure washing,
which will make the pool tile cleaning more effective.

After clearing the pool of any debris, test the pressure washer to be sure that you are using the right pressure to clean.
You can spray water on one spot for around 30 seconds to see whether it’s the correct pressure for the cleaning process.

pool tile cleaning

If there is no damage to the tile, then you can go ahead. However, if you notice that there’s damage to the stone, reduce the pressure for effective cleaning. Lastly, spray on one section at a time until the whole pool is thoroughly cleaned up.


Scale deposits are common in pools. Basically, they are a result of calcium buildup in your pool.
If you notice that there’s a scale in your pool, it’s safe for you to remove it.
The longer you hesitate to remove it, the worse it will get and become a big problem for you.
Thus, you don’t need to wait until it becomes problematic to you.
There are various effective ways you can use to remove scale from pool tile. One of the ways is using calcium removers.

You can use a calcium remover, but make sure that it’s not toxic and that it can’t damage your tile during the cleaning process.
Apply the calcium remover on the tile with the calcium deposits and scrub until it’s clean.

Secondly, you can use a pumice stone to remove the layers of scale on pool tiles.
As you scrub the affected tiles, you will notice the scale coming off.

Another method you can use to remove scale from pool tile is vinegar.
Spray vinegar solution on the surface affected by scale and scrub using a brush until it clears.

If you notice that it’s difficult for you to remove scale using the aforementioned methods, the best thing to do is to hire a professional to do the cleaning for you.
Pool tile cleaning can be a tough task, and that’s why getting professionals to do the job for you can be a good idea.


Just like any other part of your pool, tile grout is vulnerable to dirt and deposits. That is why thorough cleaning of pool tile grout is imperative.

Essentially, the first thing to do is to drain water until you reach where the discolored grout is. Use a broom to get rid of dust and dirt on the pool tile grout surface.
Afterward, mix a solution of oxygen bleach and mop it on the surface of the tile grout that needs cleaning for effective cleaning, mop one area after another.

Allow the oxygen bleach to be on the pool tile grout for about 15 minutes. The cleaning process will be more effective if you allow the oxygen bleach solution to remain on the surface of the tile grout for a longer time.

After this, you will witness the grout losing the dirt and becoming whiter.
Later, use a broom to brush the surface of the tile grout to remove any dirt that the oxygen bleach might not have dissolved.
Next, use fresh water to rinse the area you have just cleaned.
You will notice a significant improvement on your grouted surface.


By now, you must have known how significant it is to ensure that you clean pool tiles to improve safety and health levels. Different factors increase the susceptibility of pools getting contaminated.

Therefore, it’s essential to do pool tile cleaning to make sure that you get rid of any dirt and contamination. There are various ways that you can opt to clean pool tiles whenever you notice that dirt and deposits are beginning to accumulate.

The following ways are worth exploring for your pool tile cleaning: scrubbing, using a nylon bristle brush, using a pumice stone, and using a spray releaser.

Depending on the degree or level of chemical deposits and dirt in your pool, you can use these ways to clean pool tiles. Remember, if your pool is clean, it will be an enjoyable experience to swim in it.

Pool tile cleaning is, indeed, a process that can’t be disregarded. Without a clean pool environment, people can’t enjoy their swims. It’s not safe and healthy for them. So, instead of waiting for too long, it’s prudent to do pool tile cleaning to remove any accumulation of grime as soon as possible.

Try out any of the different ways of cleaning pool tiles and maintain high standards of cleanliness for your pool.

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