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Polishing Marble Countertops

Marble Countertop Restoration

Marble countertops can lose their shine this is when polishing marble countertops comes to play
The decorative aspect of marble makes it a preferred stone in many households.
The only challenge with marble is it can get dull with time.
Also, stains and scratches can damage its appearance if you don’t offer proper care.
That’s why it needs quality maintenance regularly.
Here are valuable tips for marble countertop restoration.

Proper and Regular Cleaning

For your marble countertop to remain shiny and attractive for a long time, you must clean it regularly.
Besides regularly cleaning the marble surface, it would help if you did it correctly.

The good news is that it’s not difficult to do this. All you need is a piece of soft cloth, warm water, and a cleaning agent. Of course, the cleaning agent must be mild so that you don’t end up damaging the marble surface.

Marble happens to be a delicate material that requires extra care. For this reason, you can’t use abrasive materials to clean it.
After cleaning the surface, rinse it well and use a soft cloth to wipe dry.

  • Here are essential tips to follow when cleaning a marble countertop:
  • Never use alkaline or acidic cleaning materials as they can lead to the degradation of the surface
  • Avoid using abrasive materials since they scratch the marble surface and affect its beautiful look
  • Use a lot of warm water when rinsing the surface and ensure that you remove the residue completely
marble countertop restoration

Instant Removal of Spills

Another essential factor that helps take care of marble countertops is instantly removing spills.
If you want to maintain a restored look on your marble surfaces, you have to form the habit of cleaning spills immediately.

Since you’ll keep having spills on your marble countertops, cleaning them immediately is the best way to maintain a restored look.

If you don’t do that, you’ll damage your marble surface. If left unattended, the spill gets into the porous surface and leaves stains that are hard to remove. The likes of juice, coffee, tea, sauces, and wine should be wiped soon after spilling to prevent damage.

As you wipe, make sure you don’t use course wipes since they can scratch the surface and cause further damage. Just make sure you wipe gently.
Circular motion wipes will do an excellent job.
If you have followed all the precautions, but there is a persistent stain on the surface, use baking soda to remove it.

Indeed, marble has stood the test of time as an excellent stone for countertops. However, homeowners prefer it to add significant beauty to their homes.
Like any other material, marble needs sufficient care to maintain a glossy look for a long time.
With these simple steps, you can offer it much-needed great care and maintain its attractiveness and permanence.

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