Stone Floor Care-Stone Resurfacing

Natural stone in high-traffic areas in your home or office needs routine maintenance. On marble surfaces, apply non-acidic cleaning products to preserve its natural shine. Our stone floor care maintenance services include restoration, cleaning, sealing, honing, and polishing, grout cleaning, wax stripping, and repair among others.

If you own an old tabletop that needs a facelift or a hotel lobby that needs regular maintenance, our company has the technical expertise required to handle some of the most difficult challenges posed by natural stone. Call us for a free estimate.

Natural Stone Restoration

Natural stone is entirely delicate. Always be careful not to allow dirt particles from outdoors get on the floor and damage the marble. The use of acidic cooking or harsh chemicals can remove the surfaces of the majority of stone surfaces. For restoration of these organic materials to their required finish, technical skill, and experience. You should only trust your work with Sherman Oaks stone floor care for top-notch services.

Natural Stone Tile Sealer

JK marble maintenance stone floor care is an expert in cleaning and sealing of stone surfaces. Our service drastically prolongs the life of all granite, limestone, or marble surfaces. Depending on the nature of your surfaces, and the level of tear and wear on the affected surface, we recommend that stone surfaces be sealed every 1 to 3 years. Our services include scrubbing of all dirt and debris, protecting the surface from etching, and improve surface longevity.

 Stone Maintenance

Our experts provide a variety of marble services to accommodate commercial and residential customers with quarterly, monthly, or annual services. By regular maintenance will help to avoid restoration on your surface. As such, we will help you avoid renovations; improve the longevity of your surfaces, among others.

Honing Stone

Our restoration techniques combined with our polishing compound. Makes marble look new again.  If you want a high gloss finish or a matte side, we have all these services. The choice is all yours.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Grout will accumulate dust and dirt over time. Always use a grout brush to clean grout. Professionally sealing and cleaning your grout will improve the appearance of your tiles drastically. As such, future cleaning and maintenance of your surfaces become more efficient. Our grout cleaning services include grout cleaning, stripping, re-grouting, and staining.

Sherman Oaks stone floor care offers professional cleaning and maintenance services to different stone surfaces. We are one of the most recognized marble polishing and marble restoration company. With our marble maintenance services, we return your surfaces to their original form and appearance.


Natural stone restoration

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JK marble maintenance will provide expert analysis, of your marble, limestone, and concrete surfaces. ! We serve the entire Los Angeles area. Contact JK Marble Maintenance and Restoration by phone or stop by our contact page.

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