Granite Countertops Cleaning and Care Services

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Granite is a gorgeous, strong and durable stone that has graced most residential and commercial countertops. The natural stone is also used as a flooring option in kitchens and bathrooms.

Granite Care And Maintenance

Alongside the many sought-after benefits, granite is easier to care for and maintain compared to marble. Although it hardly etches, granite can become dull and stained. This is due to its igneous and dense nature. Therefore, it requires proper cleaning, polishing and even sealing to restore its initial gloss. Cleaning and sealing help to dislodge bacteria that may hide inside. Among the services involved in granite cleaning include:

• Granite polishing and buffing

Polishing is another delicate process that is done using a grinder with diamond pads in different grits. Granite polish cream or powder are used. Polishing can be done both wet and dry. The main reason why granite is polished is to restore its original shine and finish. A polished granite surface becomes less susceptible to liquid spills. Buffing is also done to remove any hidden residues and make the surface glossy.

• Blotting 

Foreign substances such as water, chlorides, and acids can sip into the stone causing unsightly damages. Blotting the affected areas can help to prevent water and other substances from staining the stone.

• Granite sealing 

Sealing is the most critical step that helps to improve the durability of granite. It should be done during the initial installation but a good sealer is recommended. The sealer acts as a barrier that keeps the moisture out of the porous granite surface. You can check whether your granite countertop is sealed by tossing a few water drops on the granite surface. In case the water drops don’t bead up, then it means the surface isn’t sealed. When sealing granite, it should be first cleaned using quality cleaner or acetone. This removes all residues and debris from the surface. The sealer is then poured to cover the entire granite. Sealed granite will repel oil, moisture and any other foreign materials thus eliminating chances of staining.

• Actual cleaning

Cleaning is done cautiously. The use of soaps and detergents to clean granite surfaces isn’t recommended as they can cause more harm. Soap scum can pile up and make it lose luster and worsen. Similarly, abrasive and powerful solutions such as acids, sodas, peroxides, alcohol, and vinegar can cause severe scratches and damages. Cleaning is done by using only the recommended mild cleaners. The solution is applied using a soft sponge with warm water. It is then wiped gently. This not only restores its shine but also disinfects the surface.

• Granite maintenance 

Regular cleaning and maintenance are recommended if you want your granite countertops and floors to retain that gloss for decades. It is even ideal for high-traffic commercial properties. Maintenance should be done annually. Scheduling for regular cleaning and maintenance also eliminates the need to replace or reinstall the entire granite surface.

Bottom Line

While granite is strong, durable and elegant, it can lose its beauty and resilience if not cared for. It can crack, chip and stain. However, with proper granite care, you can enjoy a shiny and highly functional countertop surface for decades. Contact us today for professional granite cleaning and maintenance.
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