What is Travertine Tile Used For Where Does it Come From

Travertine Tile Uses

When it comes to home décor, you can use various materials to transform your indoor and outdoor spaces. Some materials captivate you, transform your surroundings, and add value to your home. Travertine stone is one such material. You can use its finishes in numerous ways, throughout your exteriors and interiors. It looks beautiful and captivating, regardless of how you use it. From kitchen backlashes to bathroom walls to gracing the pool deck, travertine tile brings surprising beauty to your home in different ways. The material is incredibly versatile, mainly due to the varying thickness available. As a result, you can use travertine tile anywhere in your home, from a sturdy paver on your driveway, to an attractive furnishing on your bathroom.

Travertine Stone Where Does it Come From

Travertine is a natural stone, created from hot springs. As water vapor escapes from the cooling stone, it creates numerous pits, channels, and holes within the stone, giving it a rustic and natural look. Travertine tiles are ideal for numerous applications both indoors and outdoors. Since travertine occurs naturally, it is friendlier to the environment, as compared to numerous other alternatives. Travertine also enables you to replace and update your look easily.

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Honed travertine tile

If a travertine paver breaks or cracks, finding a replacement tile that matches the existing surface is easy. This means that you don’t have to replace the whole set of pavers, thus saving you time and money. With that said, here are some travertine applications that can transform your home.

Travertine Pavers

Travertine tiles are available in varying thicknesses. This mainly depends on the manufacturer and the size of the tile. You can use a tile measuring inches, or even thicker as pavers to create driveways, walkways, and patios. These tiles also come in varying shades and sizes. You can create patterns using one color and size on a walkway, and then use a second shape, color or size on a driveway to demarcate the two areas while creating visual interest. However, you need to be careful using them this way. Avoid using tiles that measure are thinner or thicker than 3/8 inches. Thinner tiles usually require a mortar bed for installation. Apart from that, they may crack when used outdoors.

Create a Pool Deck

Unlike bluestone or brick, travertine tile reflects heat during hot days while the surface remains cool. Moreover, this material does not discolor or get chalky at the time of installation. These features and characteristics make it a perfect material for use on pool decks. Its texture makes sure that it remains slip resistant, especially for wet feet. On the other hand, its cool surface prevents burns during hot days. For best use, use large tiles to cover the entire pool deck and the walkway. You can also use it on the path running from the house to the pool and give the surface a cohesive look.

Refacing Travertine Stair Treads

Give your patio, deck, or retaining wall a complete look, by re-facing the stair treads using travertine tiles. This material is thaw and freeze resistant, making it perfect for use on stairs and steps outdoors. It also comes in engraved, stained and decorative tiles, lending a decorative aspect to the steps that lead from the home to the garden. You just need to choose a travertine finish or shade that you desire or one matching the stones used on the surface. As you cover the tread of the steps, it is also advisable to give them a rustic finish. This will give a better underfoot traction when they are wet.

Enhance the Retaining Wall

You can re-clad or reface stone or brick retaining walls, using travertine tiles. Travertine stone does not possess a wide range of natural color variations from one piece to the other. This means that it remains within a single color palette. However, this feature alone appeals to homeowners looking for a natural and warm-colored retaining wall minus the blues, reds, and grays found in slate or fieldstone. Based on the travertine tile used, you can create contemporary, sleek, weathered, or rustic retaining walls. Set a tumbled travertine tile to achieve a more rustic finish or a filled or honed travertine tile, to achieve a contemporary finish.

Travertine Bathroom

Travertine pavers and tiles give an elegant look and finish when used in the bathroom. In fact, if you are planning a bathroom remodel, you should consider travertine tiles. They can be used on the flooring, bathroom vanities, bathtubs and shower walls.

Travertine uses

Travertine tiles give your bathroom environment a sensational touch. Furthermore, they are perfect for bathroom floors, due to their slip-resistant capabilities. With travertine tiles, you can achieve a luxurious look in your bathroom. For many centuries, travertine has grown to become one of the leading materials, when it comes to bathroom surfaces. It is tried and tested, making it the perfect material to display your bathroom’s versatility. From custom tile work patterns to mosaic tiles on shower walls, you will fall in love with its versatility. You can also achieve gorgeous diamond geometry, by setting travertine tiles diagonally. When you combined this design with their natural matte finish, you will transform your shower from ordinary to luxurious.

Create an Outdoor Kitchen

A barbecue is an important part of many backyards. However, you can go a step further and create an outdoor kitchen. Travertine pavers and tiles are perfect when it comes to creating a fridge, sink or BBQ unit, allowing you to cook outside in style, especially when you have several guests coming over during the day. The outdoor kitchen will also raise the value of your home. Travertine is undoubtedly beautiful. It is able to convey elegance, rusticity, and warmth, all at the same time. Although travertine can be more expensive when compared to concrete and other alternatives, it is guaranteed to give you long-term service.

Bottom Line

Travertine tile is a fantastic material for anyone who wants to create a special element in their indoors or outdoors. Travertine brings a natural vibrancy and warmth to your indoors while giving your outdoor spaces an aspect of nature, uniqueness, and rusticity. The beauty of travertine lies in its imperfections. If you are looking for an indoor or outdoor makeover, or if you are building a new home, consider using travertine. It gives your home beautiful variations, which you cannot find elsewhere.

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