Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

Grout is the adhesive mixture of cement, sand, and water that holds tiles in their places. The Grout Stains along grout line are difficult to avoid as they are not cleaned by simply wiping the floor. Foot traffic and day to day wear and tear result scuffs, scratches and similar flaws due to which floor tiles especially marble floorings lose shine.

There are many ways that can be suggested to keep your grouts clean and make your floor shining. But you need to spend a lot of time and toil to do it yourself for your entire house in between your busy schedule. You can trust some professional Tiles and Grout Cleaning Service from JK Marble Maintenance and Restoration, Los Angeles or Stone Restoration Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills.

Restoring flooring with marble, granite or other materials needs multiple steps and process. They are for example-

  • Cleaning – This process involves removal of dirt, wax, grout stains
  • Grinding – It entails removal of a very thin layer from the stone surface to remove scratches, holes and other imperfections.
  • Honing – It removes minor and superficial scratches and defects due to footsteps.
  • Polishing – Polishing equipment and techniques are deployed to get a smooth semi-gloss or high gloss finishing.
  • Sealing Floor – The stone flooring can be sealed to protect it from water or oil-based stain.
  • Sealing GroutSealing Grout once in a year by applying Grout Sealer can prevent spills from getting quickly into the pores in the grout and also from bathroom molds.
  • Grout Removal and Installation – Before applying Grout Sealant make sure the grout lines are not cracked or crumbled. If grouts are damaged and there is seepage of moisture, cleaning grout and applying grout sealant cannot help for long. In that case, Grout Removal and installation of new grout is advisable to restore your floor.


  • JK Marble Maintenance and Restoration, Los Angeles:

The company provides best maintenance and restoration service for Marble, terrazzo, limestone, granite, travertine and concrete floor and tiles. They offer flooring and specifically marble restoration and maintenance service in Los Angeles and Southern California. All the above-mentioned services and installation are provided by this company.

  • Stone Restoration Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills:

Stone Restoration of Los Angeles and Oaks, Agoura Hills takes care of marble flooring by polishing and honing. Since marble is a variety of Limestone it is quite porous and prone to wear and tear. It is important to maintain marble flooring regularly with a company who professionally maintain and restore stone flooring and tiles. Stone Restoration Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills of Los Angeles gives trustworthy service like polishing marble floors and sealing floors after polishing by high-quality sealant materials that protect the floor including grouts from scratches and crack due to foot traffic or other reasons. Their Stone Restoration & Maintenance Service includes polishing, removal of etching and scratch, removal of floor stains, removal of Grout Stains and grout burn, Floor sealing, Sealing Grouts and Grout Removal and Installation.