Terrazzo Restoration Polishing & Maintenance Los Angeles

Terrazzo Restoration & Maintenance

JK marble maintenance provides terrazzo restoration and maintenance services throughout the Los Angeles area. Terrazzo is a mixture of chips of granite, quartz, and marble. Terrazzo is durable due to its thickness, making it ideal for high traffic areas.

In most cases, terrazzo has wax or sealers on it. Topcoat waxes collect dirt, and yellow, which need stripping and re-sealing. JK marble maintenance will polish terrazzo the same way we polish marble. This reduces the need to strip, wax, and less maintenance. We restore terrazzo by using a series of resign and metal bond diamond pads. After grinding the terrazzo we begin with powder polishing to the desired finish, then an impregnator sealer is applied.

Terrazzo Floorterrazzo restoration Cleaning

To maintain terrazzo floors Dust mops floors daily using a microfiber pad and neutral cleaner. Every year or more your terrazzo will need terrazzo restoration. Diamond honing, cleaning, polish, and seal will restore terrazzo floors.

All terrazzo floors have special cleaning needs, unique to their situation. You can determine the maintenance required by the amount of foot traffic it receives.

Terrazzo flooring has been around since the early 1900’s. When carpet and other types of flooring became popular, these floorings covered the terrazzo.

After removing the carpet and floors, unsightly glue nails and holes remained on the floors.

Terrazzo Repair

Removing glue and filling holes is a service provided by JK marble maintenance. Grinding the floor will remove glue and other residues; diamond honing will bring the floor to a smooth finish.

JK marble maintenance will carefully fill holes by drilling out the holes and filling with marble chips. We then grind to a smooth finish.

JK marble maintenance has been providing terrazzo restoration in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Calabasas and surrounding areas for over 18 years.

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