Terrazzo Cleaning and Polishing

Terrazzo maintenance and repair Los Angeles, Terrazzo is unique from limestone and other stones because it is, in essence, an amalgamation of several stones mixed into one. Marble, quartz, granite glass and other stone chips are sprinkled or mixed in and cemented together.
This unique mixture of stones and other suitable materials makes terrazzo a definite standout floor or countertop material to wow any guest. Terrazzo should be cared for like marble, and thus anything that can potentially damage marble will, conversely, damage terrazzo.

Maintaining terrazzo floors is similar to maintaining concrete or marble surfaces. Since it is very porous, it scratches and stains easily this must be considered when choosing terrazzo as an option in your home or business.

terrazzo floor

When cleaning terrazzo care must be taken in the choice of cleaning products we recommend a neutral PH-7 Cleaner which contains no acids.

Like any stone surface, acids and liquids left on the surface can cause it to etch, it is essential for any stone owner to immediately clean their stone surfaces. If etching has occurred it may be necessary to diamond hone and re-polish to restore it to its original beauty.

Terrazzo Care & Maintenance

JK marble maintenance recommends, the use of trinkets and coasters, when placing liquids on terrazzo surfaces, this will prevent etching of the stone surface.

When planning maintenance things to consider do you have a large family with pets this can wear the surface finish down daily dust mopping will be needed to remove a grit that can be embedded into the terrazzo surface.

Runners inside and outside will help in minimizing the amount of these materials that will seep into the floors. If any of these materials are on the floor, be sure to use a non-treated dry dust mop to clean the surfaces.

Remember to use pH neutral solutions or terrazzo specific cleaners, all-purpose soaps and cleaners will do more harm than good for your surface. Penetrating sealers are the best line of defense against everyday stains and spills, and for terrazzo specifically, which is very porous, you won’t have to worry about those liquids seeping beneath the surface.

JK marble Maintenance Los Angeles provides residents of southern California the best information on the web to maintain and keep your stone tops looking as pristine as ever. Terrazzo is a unique stone that must be cared for like marble and granite but gives the homeowners the needed wow factor that will leave their guests in awe.

As delicate as terrazzo is, it can very well be the statement piece in your room with its variety of colors and mixtures. Natural stone restoration L.A. gives you all the information about caring and maintaining your stone to ensure your tops are as glossy and new as they appear on television screens.