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 Marble Restoration and Maintenance Services

JK marble maintenance service technicians have specialized in marble restoration, polishing, sealing, and repairs.

With over 25 years of service, we provide quality work. We have specialists in all areas for cleaning in commercial and high-end houses in Beverly Hills. Through we bring our years of expertise to the entire cleaning job like marble polishing, marble sealing, marble restoration travertine maintenance and natural stone repair we do them to perfection.

If you have natural stones floors, you always experience how soil can get into the pores of the stones thus giving the floor a dirty look. Sometimes you go on and clean it yourself and finally, you do not get the results you want. For JK Marble Maintenance, we have the Latest Technics for cleaning marble and stone.

Grout cleaners containing acid will damage and etch marble; JK marble maintenance uses non-acidic cleaners that will not damage marble.

Residents with marble flooring installed depend on the professionals at JK marble maintenance. JK marble maintenance track record of about 20 years specializing in marble restoration and cleaning. We have been doing offices and condominiums and high-end homes with marble floor cleaning and polishing. We have very qualified technicians who provide quality marble floor cleaning using the latest technology.

Marble Floor Restoration

In recent years marble has become popular due to its long-lasting nature. Natural stone is known for its elegance and beauty. Our years of experience make us experts in the care of marble. We ensure that all the marble cleaning and restoration is done to perfection.


Our hand-picked trained technicians make sure they keep surfaces, glossy, smooth and free from cracks and any damage. The residential and commercial owners have contracted us to provide cleaning due to our popular services. We give attention to minuscule details thus giving maximum protection to your marble floors. There is no need to worry anymore know that your floor is under the care of the perfect specialist who will give it complete attention.

If you are worried about the materials we use for cleaning and removing spots; our technicians regularly use resin diamonds to smooth out scrapes and holes and totally eliminate any etch marks. When it comes to washing the floor, we use a mild, ph 7 cleaner to restore the floor subsequently.  We finally use a liquid polish that is going to leave the floor looking new and shiny.

Marble Stain Remover

For anyone looking for services in marble floor restoration, countertop maintenance, shower repair and natural stone resurfacing call JK Marble Maintenance Maintenance.

Whether you are looking or seeking any assistance with home, commercial property in Beverly Hills Marble Care and Maintenance we can provide marble maintenance around the clock. We maintain stone surfaces, marble floors at a fraction of other cleaning agencies. We have offers for our customers, and we are driven by quality, respect and customer requests. If you are looking for sustainability, ease of maintenance and environmentally friendly cleaning then here we give you all the benefits. We do not only address the visual symptoms; we go for the cause of the problem.

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For improving indoor quality of your stone floor. Our technicians have gone the extra mile to make sure that the floors are maintained at a low cost but quality high. We also have the best real air technology services where we ensure that we have prevented stone and concrete staining by using allergy free chemicals to clean. We have gone an extra mile to provide all the services from one point. Just give us a call and ask for any service, we will be there for you.

JK marble maintenance staff is looking forward to giving you the best services as by your demands. We address all you building needs and give your home a new look. The JK team is accessible in that we have our telephone line which is on throughout the day. We also offer the weekend services for those homes and commercial properties which need cleaning over the weekend. We care about you building health right here! Visit JK Marble Maintenance and care and see the difference.




Marble Bath


If you require help cleaning marble floors, countertops, showers and other stones such as limestone, travertine, terrazzo, granite and concrete, turn to JK Marble Maintenance and Restoration! We serve the entire Los Angeles area. Contact JK Marble Maintenance and Restoration by phone or stop by our contact page. 


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