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Marble Cleaning Products Restore Shine to Marble Floors

Understanding how to clean marble floors is important. Since it is a natural stone, it requires special attention. Most homeowners prefer marble as the flooring material of choice, due to many reasons. Marble is truly stunning. It can transform any room in your home, especially bathrooms into stunning and beautiful spaces. Furthermore, it is hard and durable, which means that it will give you many years of service. However, it will only last long if you give it the required level of care and maintenance.

Marble Cleaning Dos

Seal your marble when necessary: You may have read somewhere that sealing marble is a complex process, which will cost you a fortune. The truth is, the process is simple. You can even do it on your own. The cost and time involved are basically inconsequential when you consider how fabulous your marble floors will appear after that. However, ensure that you use a high quality penetrating sealer. You should also note that some types of marble don’t require sealing. In such a situation, don’t attempt sealing them, since it might just dry on the surface, creating an ugly stain.

Remove spills as soon as they happen: Marble is highly sensitive to acidic substances like coffee, wine, tomato sauce, fruit juices, sodas, cleaning products and toiletry products. These materials can etch or stain the surface finish.

Use trivets and coasters

Clean surfaces using a soft cloth or sponge: If you intend to clean your marble regularly, then you should only use hot water and a recommended marble cleaner. Anything else, including common cleaning agents and detergents, should be avoided. Buff dry using a piece of cotton cloth. You can also use mild soap for cleaning your marble floors. However, these should not be used consistently, since they might leave a dull film covering the surface.

Use rugs, doormats, and runners: Dirt, sand, and grit lodged on your shoes have an abrasive effect. They will scratch and wear your marble floors. Doormats placed inside and outside, also play a significant role. Foot traffic tends to wear the shiny surface of polished marble floors after some time. Rugs and runners in high traffic areas will help in reducing this wear on the surface. Ensure you clean your rug and mats regularly to remove dirt and dust that builds up over time.

You should also take your time to evaluate the finish applied by your professional installer. Most restoration is done due to misapplied sealers. Additionally, avoid using crystallization applications that involve the use of steel wool pads. Before you apply any sealer on your marble surface, test it in another area, to see how the results will look like.

Marble Cleaning Don’ts

Don’t use a household cleaner of any kind. Cleaning your marble floors using products purchased at your local store is not advisable. These products may contain alkalis, acids and other chemicals, which can damage or etch your marble surfaces. These products can also degrade the sealant, thus exposing your marble to staining. Most common household cleaners including the popular brands are too harsh for marble. They will lead to significant damage in the end.

Do Not Use On Marble

Don’t use ammonia, lemon, vinegar, or orange cleaners. These products are good for certain cleaning applications. However, all are acidic and they will, therefore, etch the marble, leaving the surface dull. As earlier highlighted, use a sponge soaked in hot water on a daily or weekly basis.

Don’t place toiletry items on your countertops. Toothpaste, hair products, colognes, perfumes, creams, nail products, potions, and lotions, might etch or stain the marble surface, creating rings, spots or dull areas. To protect your marble countertops, place them on a decorative tray.

Don’t stand or sit on your marble countertops. Marble tops, unlike laminate, are not flexible. Additionally, they lack a plywood backing. Therefore, too much weight on the surface might lead to chipping or cracking.

Final Word
The issue with marble is that it is quite different from ceramic tile. This means that it can be easily damaged by normal cleaning methods. Therefore, you should pay extra attention while cleaning it. The good news is that the cleaning process is simple, as you can see from the instructions above. If you take your time to clean it the right way, you will have a beautiful floor, which will always be in great condition. Check out cleaning products below:

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