Types of Polished Concrete Finishes

Polished concrete flooring is gaining popularity fast to become the preferred architectural material for concrete floors, in residential and commercial settings. Thanks to major advancements in polishing techniques and equipment, contractors can now grind concrete floor surfaces, both old and new, to achieve a high gloss finish, that does not require waxing. Polished concrete floors provide a wide range of finishes, from polished cement finishes to terrazzo aggregate exposure. You must know the features and limitations of polished concrete, in order to determine the right one for your floors.

Stained Concrete Floor Options

There is a wide selection of photos online that you can use to select the finish you desire. You can also look at your contractor’s portfolio and view their past collections. You can then use these materials to select the preferred finish.

When it comes to polished concrete, there is a wide range of finishes to choose, from restaurants, coffee shops, corporate offices and outdoor dining areas. You can choose your favorite look and finish from these selections. The most popular variations currently available are aggregate exposure and color. In terms of aggregate, you can choose from boldly exposed or finely cut. There are 3 main sources of color. These include:

– The concrete used can be dark or light gray. You can also mix the color into it.

– The surface to be polished can be colored with stain prior to polishing

– Color of the materials or aggregates used in the mix

Color stains level out the variations present in the concrete, giving it a uniform look. Additionally, color in the concrete mix ensures consistency in the mortar color, despite the depth of cut. You need to note that there are numerous aggregate mixes available such as colored glass, which can give the exposed aggregate and interesting perspective.

Exposed Aggregate

Polished Concrete Finishes
Polished Concrete Finish

Another aspect is the level of shine. It can also create a significant difference. For example, a 3000 grit polishing produces an enhanced gloss depth as well as a brilliant reflection. However, using it is not practical or advisable since it tends to show dust easily. On the other hand, 1500 grit polishing is also nice although there are minimal differences with the other one. An 800 grit finish can also be used. It is also shiny like the others. The good news is that it does not reveal dust easily. Therefore, it strikes the perfect balance in a way that it remains very glossy and does not show dust easily.

Cement Floor Finishes

You can also apply polished concrete on concrete furniture items like bench tops and table tops in kitchens, bathrooms and dining rooms. Concrete professionals can mold counter tops and vanity basins to form beautiful shapes. Exposed aggregate finish and varying gloss levels can then be applied to give them elegance.

Contractors have successfully used polished concrete in commercial buildings. It has proven to be a durable and cost-effective finish, which is hardwearing. The good thing about polished concrete floor finish in commercial buildings is the ease of maintenance. It can easily be maintained using conventional cleaning maintenance equipment, with the help of a few household chemicals, which clean and condition the floor.

Commercial Polished Concrete Floors

This work can also be done using cleaning pads, which maintain the gloss level that was originally present. Another aspect that is maintained is the anti-slip quality of the polished floor. The anti-slip qualities are maintained to protect users of the floor, in both wet and dry conditions.

One of the main benefits of a concrete floor finish is that it can achieve a similar finish to a terrazzo. However, this is possible without pouring the terrazzo mix, resulting in significant cost savings. Apart from that, the finish achieved through polished concrete is more durable than vinyl or other coverings used.

commercial concrete grinding

Unlike vinyl coverings, polished concrete does not require regular removal and replacement, which in turn translates to cost savings for the building. There are various types of concrete finish to choose from, which can be customized to meet your needs in terms of texture, color, patterns, and shine. Evidence also suggests that the high reflectivity of polished concrete floors reduces lighting energy consumption by up to 30%.

Benefits of Polished Concrete

The benefits of polished concrete finishes outweigh the limitations by far. Applying polished concrete finishes on your floors is aesthetically appealing and comes with huge cost-savings. Apart from that, there are various finishes to choose from, in terms of color options and texture. This way, you can have one of the most unique and beautiful floors, which will be the envy of your neighbors.

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