Limestone Cleaning & Sealing Floors, Countertops, Showers

Limestone Cleaning Restoration & Maintenance

Limestone is a natural rock material, commonly used for shower surfaces, counters tops, wall tiles, and flooring. As much as it can have a long and useful life, limestone is fairly soft. It can be easily damaged by heat, scratched and even etched by acidic substances. Improper cleaning and poor maintenance methods can damage it. If that happens, professional limestone restoration services may be required. Strong cleaning detergents can break down its surface. If you want to know how to clean limestone, here are some tips to consider.

Recognize the Signs 

If you start observing ugly dull spots, mop marks, dirty grout, and ugly spots, your limestone floor or surface requires professional cleaning as well as restoration. If not attended immediately, these cleaning problems will escalate. Once this happens, your limestone surfaces will require expensive corrective repairs. Additionally, if not restored or cleaned properly, it will extend the problem, thus diminishing the value and appearance of your property. Various factors might contribute to stained and dirty limestone floors. These are:

– Poor and inadequate cleaning

– Poor installation methods

– Lack of regular maintenance

– Inadequate or lack of sealing

Limestone Cleaning Floors

You first need to gather your cleaning supplies including vacuum cleaners, mops, and brooms, to clean your limestone floors. You also require a sponge mop. Some dish soap might also be necessary for this project, although it is advisable for the designed or recommended limestone cleaning soap. Other items required for this project include some soft towels and a bucket. You might also need some sealant if you intend to seal the limestone surfaces after you are done with cleaning. If you limestone has some stains that require removal, then you will also require some hydrogen peroxide and white floor.

limestone cleaning

– Sweep, dry wipe or vacuum the limestone surface

As much as it sounds strange, you can still vacuum your limestone floors. However, you need to turn off the spinning brush. You also need to be very careful to ensure that the vacuum cleaner is not scratching the surface. Vacuum is very effective in removing dirt and sand from crevices and cracks. Alternatively, use a dry mop or broom to clean up any debris or dirt. For walls and counters, just use a soft and dry cloth to remove the dirt. Ensure that you don’t leave behind particles on the limestone as you conduct your wet cleaning since it can contribute to scratches.

Wet Cleaning limestone surfaces

To wet-clean your limestone floor, you just require a bucket full of warm water mixed with some tablespoons of soap in the water. Use the mixture to wipe the countertops and walls gently, as well as gently mop the floors. This procedure requires some time, so be patient give the soap sufficient time to penetrate and break down the dirt.

Limestone stain removal

Proper stain removal from your limestone surfaces will keep them beautiful and shiny. Limestone is preferred for countertops and floors because of its natural beauty and versatility. However, with improper care and maintenance, its appeal fades and appears dull.

Limestone is mainly calcium-based. Therefore, it is going to react with acidic materials like vinegar, lemons, and wine. Common cleaning solutions such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon will not work. Limestone is a highly porous material, therefore, it is definitely going to absorb liquids and oils. Therefore, it is best suited for bathroom use, instead of the kitchen.

To draw the stains from the limestone, you need to mix hydrogen peroxide with cornstarch until you obtain a paste. Apply the paste to the affected area and allow it to dry. This might take a day or two. Once it has dried, remove it carefully with the help of a soft-edged paper.

Limestone Polishing- Polished Limestone

If you want to transform your dull limestone floor into something beautiful that enhances the image of your home, then you simply need to polish it. A polished floor is easy to clean and maintain. However, you will need to choose the finish you want, if you decide to polish your floor.

A high gloss is a luxurious, beautiful finish. Finer diamonds are used to hone the floor, in order to achieve the desired finish. The number of scratches determines the level of finish achieved. A high gloss finish enhances the colors on your limestone floors, giving it a beautiful and smooth appearance.

However, a high gloss finish also comes with its setbacks. It shows scratches and scuffs more quickly and readily than a lighter polish. On the other hand, a lighter polish produces a beautiful glow. A lighter polish is most suitable for higher traffic areas such as dining rooms and kitchens. It is more resistant to scuff marks and can withstand higher traffic.

If you want a superior finish, your floor should be smooth and even. If your limestone floor was poorly installed, which resulted in the surface is uneven, it would have to be ground flat using specialized equipment. However, we have the tools, equipment, and expertise to handle all your limestone floor polishing.

Sealing Limestone

After cleaning your limestone floors, you need to give them an average of 24 hours, to allow evaporation of the moisture. You can choose either between a penetrating sealer or between a surface sealer. A penetrating sealer is also known as an impregnating sealer. They are the same thing.

The benefit of using a penetrating sealer is that it does not affect the appearance of your limestone floor. It is, therefore, appropriate for sealing polished limestone floors. On the other hand, a surface sealer leaves your floor with a slightly darker appearance since it rests on the surface. Ensure that you apply at least three coats of the sealer. This will also depend on the porosity of the surface.

Bottom Line

As a homeowner, there is nothing as annoying as discovering dirty marks, scratches, and spills on your lovely limestone floor. You start wondering how you can immediately restore your beautiful finish. You don’t have to worry about all that. Our professional cleaning services include cleaning limestone floors, counters, and showers, removing grout in showers as well as removing mold and scum. We first visit your home and assess the problem, then recommend a solution based on the problem. Give us a call today.  818 984-1195




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