Best Way to Clean a Garage Floor

How to Clean a Concrete Garage Floor

Garage floors are among the most neglected surfaces when it comes to cleaning. Most people neglect cleaning them, arguing that they will soon get dirty. Why is it important to clean garage floors? There are numerous reasons why you need to keep your garage floors sparkling clean. First, it helps to keep your garage in good condition. Apart from that, removing chemicals, dirt and unwanted stains regularly prevent your garage floor from wearing away while enhancing safety for your family. Moreover, learning how to clean a garage floor is a great skill to learn as a homeowner. It is an important aspect of any project that requires preparing a floor.

Sealing Concrete Garage Floors

There are numerous ways of cleaning garage floors. The method or technique applied, mainly depends on the floor itself. For example, it is easier to clean sealed floors. Apart from that, sealed floors provide a more stable concrete surface for the long-term.

Garage Floor Cleaner

Although sealed floors are impenetrable, regular cleaning minimizes corrosion caused by vehicle maintenance messes and chemicals. Before sealing garage floors, the concrete is cleaned and brushed thoroughly, to ensure that stains are not trapped inside. Cleaning garage floors depend on the mess or dirt to be cleaned. Absorption and disposal are among the most common methods used. Safety should always come first. Some messes on the floor might emit hazardous gases to the atmosphere, posing a health and safety risk.

Floor Scrubbing

If you plan to scrub your floor clean, then you first need to remove the items that are not permanently attached to the floor. If you fail to remove them first, they might be damaged by water. Once the garage is almost empty, you can then sweep up the dirt and other debris. If your garage has electrical outlets and a painted drywall, then you should cover at least 3 feet of the wall above the floor, using a plastic drop cloth.

This covering prevents a formation of water spots while preventing short circuits that can occur when electrical outlets are exposed to moisture. Proceed to use a deck brush and then clean the garage floor. You should avoid using push brooms that come with long bristles. Applying the right amount of pressure needed to clean the floor will be a huge challenge. Instead, use a deck brush with small but stiff bristles. Water is one of the most common cleaning tools at home.

However, it is quite ineffective when it comes to grease and oil spills. For garage floors, you will have to use a full-strength degreaser on the concrete. If you fail to find a concrete degreaser, then you can work with Trisodium Phosphate or any other laundry detergent. Ensure that you stick to the recommended guidelines when using the cleaning agents. Failure to do so might lead to permanent floor damage.

Don’t be too aggressive when cleaning your floor. Being overly aggressive might destroy the integrity of your cement floor. Any cracks in the concrete should be repaired immediately. This prevents debris and water from corroding the surface of the concrete.

Pressure Washer Concrete Cleaner

If your floor has not been attended to for a long time and dirt has accumulated, then you may need to look for stronger equipment to clear the filth. A pressure washer would be a great option. You can easily acquire it from a rental store.

Garage Floor Cleaner

In order to get the right amount of pressure and maintain the integrity of your floor, choose a 3000 PSI washer. It dispenses at least 3 gallons of water every minute. Let the cleaning solution sit on the floor for around 10 minutes before addition of extra water. After that, use the pressure washer to clean the filth. If the dirt is stubborn, then you might be forced to use a washer with15-degree fan tips.

Using a Floor Buffer

After the removal of stains, buffing is usually the final step. Buffing gives your floor an extra shine. Apart from that, it makes it easy and efficient to move furniture and bins. Buffing also leaves your garage floor looking like a show-room, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Buffers are available from rental stores. Ensure that you get one with a nylon scrub head, which is ideal for cleaning concrete surfaces.

Bottom Line

Keeping your garage floors clean helps to maintain the integrity of concrete, thus extending the lifetime of the floor. Ensure that you use the recommended cleaning tools and methods, to avoid damaging the floor.