Granite Countertop Care & Maintenance Los Angeles

 Granite Countertop Care

Countertops made of granite are one of the biggest upgrades you can make to your home’s kitchen. With good care of granite countertops, they can provide long-term service. Furthermore, they will maintain a beautiful and polished look as if they are newly installed. Granite countertops are available in a wide range of patterns and colors, to match the decorative preferences of any homeowner.

Granite stone is unique. It is composed of little crystals, which trap the light while changing its appearance. It is hard to come across two slabs of granite that look alike. Many homeowners prefer granite over other materials due to its affordability, uniqueness, easy to clean, a wide range of color choices and durability, just to name a few.

granite countertop care

With that said, granite countertop care is easy. You just require a gentle cleanser such as mild dishwashing liquid or Murphy’s Oil Soap. You can also use synthetic scrubbing pads to clean your countertop. With regular and good maintenance, your granite countertops will stay looking great and new for a long time. Ensure that you wipe spills immediately, use water and mild soap, rinse and use a soft cloth to dry.

Granite Maintenance

Granite is essentially a natural stone. Therefore, it is porous to a certain extent. After installation, granite must be cleaned and sealed. A piece of sponge and hot water is enough to wipe up debris and spills. This way, you will be able to keep your granite surfaces tidy and clean throughout the day. As the day comes to an end, a simple spray and wipe on areas with the most traffic, combined with a stone cleaner is sufficient to disinfect, protect and clean your countertops.

Various companies specialize in granite maintenance and care. Therefore, if you feel that the work is overwhelming, just use these services and enjoy a long-lasting granite countertop. Wipe the entire granite surface using a natural stone cleaner every week, to keep your granite countertops in impeccable condition. It also makes cleaning them easy and fast.

You can also use revitalizers, color-enhancers, and polishers periodically, for ultimate maintenance of your natural stone. When it comes to granite maintenance, just use common sense. For floor surfaces, sweep or dust mop them using a non-treated, clean and dry dust mop.

Dirt, grit, and sand cause the most damage to natural stone surfaces, because of their abrasiveness. Area rugs or mats outside and inside the entrance will help to reduce the potential damage caused by these particles. Moreover, you should be careful when with vacuum cleaners, since the plastic or metal attachments can scratch the surface. Damp-mop the surface using a neutral stone cleaner. Stay away from the surface until it is fully dry since wet floors tend to be slippery.

Sealing vs. Polishing Granite

You need to know that a sealer does not make granite shine or polish it. Standard impregnating sealers usually penetrate the stone and don’t affect the surface finish or color. Therefore, if you want to polish your granite, then a granite sealer will not do that job. Granite polishing is done using big machines, to produce intense friction. This method grinds and smoothens the granite surface gradually until it is shiny.

A highly skilled granite maintenance and restoration expert can polish granite using hand tools. The shiny surface is referred to as polished, contrary to a honed finish that is smooth but not shiny. The word polishing tends to confuse many people, who are not conversant with the stone industry.

Most consumers assume that the shine is obtained from a certain product, which is applied during granite maintenance. However, that could not be further from the truth. Others think that every stone is supposed to be shiny. The truth is, there are various types of finishes available, and polished is just one of them.

Repair Granite

Granite is a harder material than marble. Therefore, it is advisable to hire professional granite contractors, who know how to handle the repair. If you have chipped, cracked or broken granite countertops and tiles, you don’t need to replace the entire surface. Granite repair contractors can fix chips and cracks, fill holes and blend the repair site the neighboring surfaces. Granite repair helps to restore your granite countertops to their original condition. Granite specialists can repair the surface, leaving the surface as it was originally.


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