Diamond Polishing Marble Surfaces

Polishing Marble Floors

Marble is a beautiful natural stone after time it begins to show signs of wear. The average homeowner assumes it only needs a marble polishing in some cases that is true. The only way to restore marble surfaces is to diamond hone and polish to remove stains and scratches. Below is a list of required steps.

Diamond polishing

Grinding Marble

Grinding marble is the most aggressive step in marble polishing. It eliminates lippage (uneven tiles) deep scratches and stains. It is the first step in marble polishing.

Diamond Honing

To bring out the shine in stone a series of grits called honing. An average range of diamond pads starts at 50 grit and goes up to 3000 grit.
Depending on the condition of your stone determines which grit we start and finish. Homeowners that wish to have a honed finish we stop at 220 or 400 grits. Clients that want a polished finish we diamond hone 800 to 1500 grits depending on the type of stone.

Diamond Polishing

Polishing marble is the next step after diamond honing. Homeowners may want a light sheen polish or a high gloss finish. We use a power polish to achieve the client’s desired finish. When the condition of the marble is good this step is all that is needed.


There are several ways of polishing marble, power polish or crystallization. Marble polishing power consists of abrasive grains. Using a buffing machine, it creates a high gloss finish. Crystallization process uses steel wool an acid solution and a floor buffer.
The steel wool combined with the crystal causes a heat friction with the calcium in the marble creates a high gloss finish. Crystallization is used for marble maintenance of high traffic areas.

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