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Concrete floor polishing has been widely used in industrial facilities. This is due to its high durability, low cost, abrasion resistant and long life. The introduction of dry concrete polishing has made it possible for residential homes to enjoy the decorative concrete application.

The aesthetic beauty can be achieved in almost all types of concrete floors. We are highly motivated concrete polishing contractors who will assure you outstanding services in Los Angeles.

 1. Polished Concrete

We polish concrete floors to achieve a glossy and mirror-like finish. There are many designs of polished concrete available. We always help our customers to come up with the best designs. You can choose nearly any pattern, color, embedded aggregates or even intersecting objects. We use different levels of concrete polishing to control reflectivity on the floor.

The process of polishing concrete begins with coarse diamond segments which are bonded to a metallic matrix. The segment removes minor pits, stains, blemishes and light coating from the floor. We then apply fine grinding through an application of diamond abrasive embedded in a resin matrix. We can use either dry or wet polishing method depending on the nature of your concrete floor.

concrete grinding

2. Concrete Staining

We apply concrete staining while using the right tools. For the staining process to be perfect, we always use the right tools for surface preparation to the stage of sealant application. If we will decide on acid-based stains, then we will use acid-resistant spray equipment and brushes.

Our experienced applicators use tools such as squeegees, mops, and rollers to achieve a perfect finish. Stains penetrate the surface of the floor hence leaving a permanent color on the surface. This requires careful application because the marks which will be left will be permanent.

When preparing the surface we ensure all contaminants have been removed. If there are any defects which can interfere with the integrity of the stain, we will remove them in the preparation stage.

The surrounding areas are then masked to avoid unintentional staining of the areas. We can apply a stain sample so that our customers will have a clear picture of the final stain. After you are satisfied with the sample, we can proceed to apply the stain on your concrete floor after which we will apply a sealant.


3. Concrete Grinding

Grinding Concrete

Our state of the art grinders use horizontally rotating discs to accomplish multiple tasks. The grinders can achieve light texturing, opening of pores, removal of thin coatings and paint among others.

The versatility of the grinders is achieved due to a use of a wide variety of grits used in the attachments. If you will like to have concrete grinding on slab surfaces, we can use walk behind grinders which vary in sizes. If the area is small and restricted, we can use single disc grinders, large surface areas will require triple or four disc machines.


4. Concrete Sealing-Concrete Densifier

After installing new concrete floor you will be required to apply a sealant so that the surface will remain attractive and stain resistant. The sealants will protect the floor against freeze and thaw cycles. The sealant which we will apply will last for a long period of time which will ensure your concrete floor in Los Angeles lasts for long.


 Benefits of Polished Concrete

1. Elimination of Dusting

Concrete dusting occurs on unpolished concrete floors. Tiny particles of dust are pushed onto the surface of the floor which leads to accumulation of dust. This can make your maintenance costly.

2. Increasing Durability

The polish will transform the porous concrete into dense flooring which will inhibit penetration of oil, water, and any other contaminants from affecting the surface.

3. Increased Strength

The concrete polishing process leads to increasing the strength of concrete in general.

4. Increased Ambient Lighting

Polished surfaces will enhance the beauty of your premise while saving you energy bills. After you hire us as your concrete polishing contractors, we will work on the floor and ensure it reflects light hence enhancing ambient light.

5. Less Maintenance Cost

A polished concrete will be easy to clean. It will not wear out brushes and other equipment used to scrub the floor. The surface does not develop hard stains. This makes it very easy to maintain.

6. Cost-Effective

There are many ways you will save money due to an application of polish on concrete floors. They include saving on energy, maintenance reduction and reduced tire wear in case of industries.

7. Beauty

The floors achieve great beauty due to the application of polishes. You can achieve any pattern or color after you decide to hire us for the services.

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