Saltillo Tile Mexican Tile How to Clean and Seal

Saltillo Tile Cleaning and Sealing Saltillo is also known as “Mexican tile.” This is because it is from the town of Saltillo, which is in the Coahuila area of Mexico. Unlike granite, marble, and porcelain, Saltillo tile is clay-based. This means it is a hardened, processed form of clay. It is made by pressing clay … Continue reading "Saltillo Tile Mexican Tile How to Clean and Seal"

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Stained Concrete Floors Concrete Floor Ideas

Stained Concrete Floors Los Angeles Staining concrete is currently one of the most common flooring options. You can use it to enhance exterior and interior spaces as well as residential and commercial concrete floors. Stained concrete floors are highly versatile, which means that you can achieve any possible look, to suit your budget as well … Continue reading "Stained Concrete Floors Concrete Floor Ideas"

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